Today we have love in a portuguese way

The year is ending… a few more hours and a new year begins. I will not ramble on this subject but really hope I can take a few hours (puff…. a few minutes it will be too good!) to be able to do an introspection about what was different about this year…

But there is one thing that is without doubt imminent: i’ve never heard so many stories of love, and never seen so many beautiful weddings!

This small post, though small (because Ema is here around me with a constant ‘mama… mama… mama’ tat my neurons are not that inspired!) shows a small part of the effort of all vendors to create unique moments that will forever mark the life of the bride and groom.

I believe this ring cushion is religiously stored and one day will free many memories… Love is this very thing, memories, living photographs, the Menu we decided to save or the wedding invitation that had that special touch.

Sara and Pedro – Amor à Portuguesa, they know the importance of this and they create unique and personalized details.

The first time I talked to the couple i realized they both had in common the taste for nature. They spent a lot of time on a farm they have in Bragança, so we opted for a country style and rustic, with an almost poetic classic touch that reflects the taste for writing and reading that they both have. For this wedding we did the invitations, the first workpiece and approved. Later we developed the remaining materials within the same graphic line: ring cushion, fan-shaped ceremony programs, escort cards and table markers, menus and postcards for messages to the couple.


Say there, isn’t it good to love in a portuguesa way?


Inspire yourself!


Photos: Amor à Portuguesa

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