Um couple. One family. One love.

Jennefer Wilson photos already featured in Amor Pra Sempre and doubtless that they show much of what this American photographer is. Her job is in her heart. When reading her About Me section you understand her vision of love. I identify no doubt! What makes me even happier to be able to show her work here.

About the wedding of Cortney and Levi there is little to say except that it was covered in love. But not only love between two people … Jennefer describes this couple as a couple who love each other deeply and, in her words, ‘are on another level‘.

I rarely come across a couple who loves as deeply as these two. Their families have a deep love that is rooted in The Lord and it is clear that they value each other. From tears held back and hair swept behind Courtney’s ear by her mom, these small gestures speak volumes. And the friends. They kept telling throughout the day ‘I’m so happy for you! I knew this day would come and you could not be more beautiful’.

But the love that Courtney and Levi have for each other is even more evident. The excitement of Levi was palpable throughout the day, his smile was bigger than I’ve ever seen and never left his face. True, he kept the same smile all day. When he saw Courtney walking down the aisle his smile grew 10x more and he made all the women cry, because there is nothing more precious than a groom who values ​​his bride.

I noticed the picture were you can see a chalkboard in the entrance hall to the reception, in which you can read ‘sit together, we’re one family‘. A couple living in family and union. I believe that is undoubtedly the best way to live life fully. God, Family, Friends = Love. Certainly a very happy trilogy.

And God … may be different for each one of us, can be written in many ways and in many languages​​, but it is still the largest source of union ever. Whatever your God is (Fernando Pessoa, a great portuguese poet, would say ‘I am my own god‘) keep it alive forever because, as they say, three is perfect isn’t it?

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Photos: Jennefer Wilson

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