To organize a wedding you need all kinds of services, from photographers, through video, floral decor, musicians, invitations …. The list is long and nothing better than to count on a little guide with great suppliers .

These are just some of best vendors working in Portugal and giving their best contribution so that the bride and groom have an exceptional single day and for the memories to stay forever.

It’s difficult to choose among so many. How to choose a photographer or another? What will be the best place for your reception? Should I have bridesmaids? How many? Where can i rent a car?…. There are so many decisions that sometimes it’s better to hire a wedding planner or perhaps ask an expert in floral design to create the decor of our day.

Choose your partner here. Yes, they’re more then just simple service providers… They will be part of your ‘Yes, I do!’, besides the groom they are key pieces for your dreams to become a reality.


Cake Design
Ceremony and Protocol
Decoration / Floral Design
Wedding Planning


The demands are increasing, for that in this guide,i leave only those that fit the line of  Amor Pra Sempre. Don’t forget to advertise in the Blog if you feel you belong to this list!


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