A Congo story in video

The wedding video that Vanessa and Ivo, Someting Blue, sent me, makes me have goose bumps … Isn’t this what everyone would like to feel when they see the memories of this wonderful day?

Both smiles are contagious! Enjoy it because it’s not every day that these kind of feelings are visible in the skin!

Sónia and João know each other for a long time. They went to the Congo with the love that brought them together and returned in September to get married among friends and family. Put an end to homesick and celebrate this happy day was their goal. And they succeeded! The wedding was beautiful with the wildflowers, the photobooth done by a friend, african accessories. It even had a game: the guest who had a sign under the chair could take home the beautiful floral arrangement that was the centerpiece. Now we show the best moments of that day and hopefully provoke smiles and tears far away in the Congo.


We hope to see many of  work done by these portuguese duo that every day that passes is more surprising! I believe you also melt with these videos!


Be inspired and start thinking about your own video!


Vídeo: Someting Blue

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