A wedding cake made from cheese?

A cake made with different kind of chese wheels will be an original way to present your cheese in the table! Here are some precious tips – from experts who develop wedding cakes with cheese! I LOVE cheese … in fact, just thinking about it I’m already drooling, and best of all, a glass of wine to accompany!

The Courtyard Dairy is a company based in England expert in cheese, and in cheese wedding cakes. You can take a look at their website and inspire yourself! They leave some tips for those who want to venture into this art. Read carefully and get to work! But the cakes don’t  just have to look beautiful, you need to combine flavors and textures to get amazing results.

  • Remember that the higher the cake, the smaller become the cheeses of the upper layers. If the idea is to divide the cheese for all the guests, it will be impossible to happen with the top layer ones, they will be too small, so the ideal is to buy several identical and serve guests directly after the opening of the cheese cake. 
  • Always taste the cheeses that will be served. If you have the possibility to go to a cheese shop certainly you can taste before buy, and even in supermarkets you just need to ask to taste them. 
  • The size and color are very important. The best wedding cheesecakes will look stunning and have an amazing taste and although the size is not the most important, choose the upper layers with at least 2cm less in diameter. Add a little color to the cake or an extra-special effect for this you can use red or blue cheese tones or decorate with fruit. 
  • It is important to pay attention to the diameter, but you should also focus on the texture and flavor. Therefore, try to choose a variety of styles – a tough, soft and blue and also think about adding a goat cheese and a more crumble one too. Note: the harder cheeses will probably be the most popular, so it should be the biggest. 
  • Create your own style! If you have a favorite cheese, you can ask your supplier to cut it in smooth circles instead of the normal wedges so you can build layer after layer. Take the opportunity to take a look at the diameter cheese page  to achieve the ideal dimensions. 
  • More soft cheeses can be used in the lower layers: you just need to make a small round cut in middle and then place a small cup or ideally an egg-cup. Thus the upper layers are supported by it and the soft cheeses will not suffer much strain. 
  • You can give your cake a bit of extra height in relatively inexpensive way. You can use small glass candle holders, which will add height to the cake and give you space to decorate. 
  • For something different, you can create a small wedding cheese cake for each individual table and your guests will love it! 
  • The cheese should be served at room temperature – to make sure this happens, take it out of the fridge a few hours before being cut – not too long because you will not want Brie to drip down the floor! 
  • Now the question you are all making: how much cheese do i need? Ideally 70g to 100g of cheese per person. If it’s for a main dish will be twice that amount. 


Source: Bridal Musings

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