Wedding details

Vera and Bruno, were married on September 13 and chose Por Magia to give a special touch to their wedding. The decor is definitely magic! These delicious details capture our eye and mark this day as being different from all the others.

All brides (or at least the vast majority) always think ‘if it was today i would do everything differently’… I’m not sure why we feel this, but maybe it has to do with the fact that we don’t disconnect ourselves from this weddings world and we continue to see Pinterest and inspiration blogs… and the innovations arise, the colors, the fabrics… the textures… Everything connects us to this day and makes us want to live it again! Ahhh… who knows!

Vera and Bruno, wanted a simple, elegant and romantic decor… A palette of soft colors… Vera loved the baby pink color and mint green… We felt that it was perfect for this da!! They idealized a outdoor ceremony, a sunny afternoon where they could exchange vows in front of all their family and friends in a not so formal way … Something familiar and cozy …

A wedding just like this one described above sounds perfect. Love, exchanging vows and delightful details that inlight our eyes beyond the feeling that hangs in the air. And the magic created by these romantic details. Delicate and simple decor details that made this day unforgettable for anyone who has been there!


Inspire yourselfs!


Photos and styling: Por Magia

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