A wedding for two

When I saw Janel photo, I thought ‘I think it’s so beautiful to get married like this…’. At the time I had only seen a bride photo, i didn’t even know what to expect. If I already liked the wardrobe when I saw it was an elopment, a wedding for two… I was amazed! I always wanted to share a marriage like this one on the blog. I am a huge advocate of elopments! I find them very romantic and full of pure feeling!

When I realized that the pictures were of Tahni from Joyeuse Photography i run to ask her to publish them on Amor Pra Sempre, but not before leaving a comment in the blessed photo! What was my astonishment when Janel (the bride) sent me a message asking if i needed any more information or even the photos to post!

People…. this is it… This is what I’d love to happen forever. This harmony between all that lets you get to the brides! New stories to tell, that translate perfectly why you should get married!

Bride: Janel Burns. Groom: Malcolm Pace. hey are a 30 yeals old couple residing in Boston, who currently live in Massachusetts with their two children, 3-year and  6 months. They met in the company where they worked together. The flirts started with emails, lunch dates, then followed by the long phonecalls after work and a little later came the first date.

 We were visiting my family in Virginia for my sister’s graduation. Everyone knew of his plans and it was the biggest surprise ever! Then, pregnant with our first son, I didn’t feel as though it was the right time to plan a wedding.

The years passed and the couple made several plans: from a wedding in a country club to a destination wedding in Jamaica. It was during this period that they realized …

The more we planned for these big events, we’d get lost in the importance of it all and felt like we weren’t being true to who we were. After having our second son this past May, we decided it was time. We began planning yet another big event for our family, before quickly realizing we’d much rather have something small and intimate for just the two of us. Date nights are so far and in between that we said why not take advantage of this moment and do it for just the two of us.

And it wasn’t because they decided to make an event only for the two of them, that they were careless in planning the day! Janel knew that some things were essential: she wanted a small bouquet and wonderful photographs to remember the big day!

Our photographer Tahni of Joyeuse Photography was amazing at capturing these moments and she is a true professional in wedding photography. We met Tahni back when we were planning our first wedding and I knew I wanted her to be our photographer. Plans changed, we had planned to elope in Jamaica and she offered to join us. She came but we didn’t end up getting married because it didn’t feel right. (I’m big on following your intuition) However, we took advantage of our time with her by getting to know her, and she getting to know us. Fast forward a year, I called Tahni up to see what her availability was for the next month. She gave us a date and we said let’s do it! We didn’t want to wait any longer and knew we didn’t want anyone else but her. Tahni’s creative eye really turned this simple joyous occasion into what you see before you.

Every detail, from suppliers to the wardrobe, were meticulously planned. On November 14, 2014 they went to Boston City Hall and ‘it was the most spectacular day ever’! The stars lined up and everything that they ever imagined happened. Even though it was a cold day in November and they had to run to get the time!

Through it all I learned that it’s ok to follow your heart. Your wedding day is for you and your groom only. Do what’s best you two. Everything else will fall into place. When it’s meant to be, it will be.

Tahni says it was of those days in her photographer career that will be unforgettable, “the feeling I had was that their joy was palpable as they held hands and pronounced their vows”.

Inspire yourself ! Getting married it’s that simple! But don’t forget to have good memories of the day either photo or video, or both!


Vendors: Photography: Joyeuse Photography | Hotel: Clarendon Square Bed And Breakfast | City Hall: Boston City Hall | Bouquet: Winston Flowers | Make-up: International Beauty Brides


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