Stop, hear yourself and follow your instinct

Branco Prata

Sometimes you have to stop, reflect and analyze the situation. Brides organizing their wedding are often consumed by anxiety! Not worth it. The best advice for anyone organizing a wedding is: follow your instinct!

Browsing through the thousands options and inspirations that blogs and magazines offer, often only serves to confuse and further increase anxiety. So relax! Close your eyes, imagine how you want your style. Create a simple list and put keywords in it.

Do research using those words or you’ll end up havind a breakdown! Or, seek the help of a wedding planner! It’s simple! As the phrases found in these next few photos! If you are organizing your wedding it’s time to smile and not biting your nails off!

You can download some of these pictures for free! Just click the photo!


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Video: Instagram



Photo: Designlovefest



Photo: Frenchbydesignblog



Photo: Pinklotusevents



Photo: Pinklotusevents



Photo: Keepcalm-o-matic


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