Wedding Proposal at Oporto

Abed wanted to surprise Rachel. He wanted to propose and make that moment last forever. The first thing he booked was Luis – Quem Casa Quer Fotos, and he asked him for some guidance to get is plan on the move.

Luis sent Abed to Amor Pra Sempre planning services and i am grateful that he did! After many emails, we knew what the idea was and it was time to gather the team! And what a great team we add!

We were all super excited on the day! People going by on the river side asking what was going on… Some even waited just to find out what was going to happen…

We were super excited! The cenario was built, the music was on, the videographer and the photographer were hidden and it was almost time. I messaged Abed to let him know that we were ready! And we waited…what a long wait it was! But, then, we saw them coming. Hand in hand. He was all dressed up, and Rachel was beatiful in her tennis and peach dress.

We hit play and the moment began…. The plan was to have the music playing and he was going to casually pick her to a dance… And the dance transformed into a knees down wedding proposal with everyone applauding. What a great momento with the sun going down… Everything was perfect.

We were so happy! I wanted to hug them… It was such a great momento for all of us. Before going home, i was with Abed and Rachel at Majestic Café, and i remember one sentence that i keep ’till today “we are so happy! and now, we have friends in porto!”.

What else do you want? And know… i have friends in Libano, that surprised me saying that they wanted me to plan their wedding in Portugal!

This is what happens when you are a good professional, but, above all you do things with your heart!


Inspire yourself!


Photography: Quem Casa Quer Fotos | Video: We Love Film | Decoration and Styling: Por Magia | Musician: Bruno Macedo | Proposal Planning:Amor Pra Sempre

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