This wedding rocks

The union of Katha and Robin was expected for some time now. As they are relaxed people, Carmen e Ingo, friends of the couple, knew that their wedding would be a bit like that too! The venue for the wedding reception was Quercia Belvedere, a house of agro-tourism, where everyone can enjoy the pure air and the pool! Ahhh weddings with friends and with a pool! And in Italy! What else can you ask for a summer wedding? Carmen and Ingo tell us how this celebration was fun!

So the day started with pool time and getting to know everyone of their friends. Everyone got dressed for the ceremony late in the afternoon, which was a bit of a drive to Villa Cariola by bus. It was really a very hot day. So after a quick ceremony, some delicious snacks and drinks we headed out for a quick portrait session of these two. We really had much fun and right at the end, there was kind of a concert going on in front of the Villa and Robin could not resist to show his dancing skills in the public! It was hilarious! When we got back to the Agriturismo all the guys where waiting to jump into the pool together full dressed. That was the kick off for a fun pool time, where almost all of the girls got thrown into the water. Of course they wore their evening dresses already. No excuses! So reception and cake cutting took place, basically in swimwear. The party went on very late into the morning and we had the pleasure to be part of the party and put our cameras away.

Villa Cariola encloses a historic house and is situated a few kilometers from Lake Garda, where they were installed – Quercia Belvedere – and where the wedding reception was held! Magnificent places, full of nature! The green surroundings and the good mood could only turn these photos into live memories! The bride chose to mix chic and boheme was magnificent with her loose hair decorated with a wreath.The groom, has we can see from the photographs, decided for some great details like a bow tie and shaped skull cufflinks.


See all photos of this wedding here!   Inspire yoursef!  


Photos: Carmen and Ingo Photography

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