When you think about party, what do you think?

Whoopeebooth! The name may seem strange to many, but it’s an essential at parties! A fun addition that will no doubt cheer the guests and the photos!

For a bachelorette party, a birthday or a party among friends, with our help you will only need to find someone at the party who likes to pronounce the phrase “Cheeeeees!!” A merry box that usually contains a background and elements for the guests take pictures without the typical pose and adapts to both, the little ones, as older people. After the camera is all set up and the tripod, you just need to join in the fun, and later will surely remember this day so fun that you will only want to repeat it.


The girls from Chapéu de Papel have all this and more! Mouths, mustaches and props from the 80s, but also phrases that can be yours! Think of your family jokes and customize some of these elements with the most creative phrases that you can think off!

For orders, contact the Chapéu de Papel via email  chapeu.papel@gmail.com.


Be inspired and above all enjoy yourselves too!


Photos: Chapéu de Papel

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