The wonderful feet of Alice

In a world where  imagination and fantasy are kings, the legendary tale of Alice in Wonderland was the inspiration of Filipa Júlio for winter 2014 collection of our already known Josefinas.

It’s more than a children’s story, it’s a metaphor that “reminds women to be irreverent in the pursuit and achievement of their dreams. The only way to reach the impossible is to believe it’s possible”. Filipa couldn’t have chosen better words! A universe where nothing is impossible. It’s the best way to look at our lives, our challenges, our fears.

Creator of a luxury brand, Filipa Júlio goes ever further on the concept of the ballerinas Josefinas and draws on five characters: Alice and her blue dress; the mysterious caterpillar; the always on time Rabbit; the grinning Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. But it doesn’t stop here and she even creates for the first time a booty.

  I experimented with textures and patterns and the end result was, for example, a pattern of cats designed by me and a Josefinas with a blue pompom. In the world of Wonderland and the journey that is life, nothing is impossible, just believe.

A life lesson that should be taken as a rule for everyone to believe. More and better. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Like going out with your Josefinas on rainy day! Take a risk! Maybe today you’ll find the door to the enchanted world!


Inspire yourself! Love can be right around the corner!


Photos: Josefinas

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