You&Me: a session with flavour and love

Today i have a different You&Me session. Original. I love it when something comes out of the box! And more. This session comes to us through the photographer Mariana Marques, Brazilian, full of energy and good mood! Obvious, that these photographs are a great match: the couple and the photographer!

Lu and Jonny are the kind of couple that you think only exist in movies. Completely in love with each other, if they were a cartoon you could see little hearts floating above their heads so overflowing with love. They met in college, studied together for 4 and a half years and in the last two years they even worked together. They spent 18h a day with eachother, but at this time they were just friends. After finalizing theirs graduation each one went their own way and suddenly they were no longer part of eachother lifes. Then nostalgia hit them and they realized that they could no longer live far from each other. It was necessary to be appart to realize they were in love. They often say that their story was a kind of love in its embryo, it was forming, growing and when they realizedite had been born and was all ready to be lived!

It was in this atmosphere of pure passion that Mariana photographed Jonny and Lu, who love to cook and spend much of their free time at their house, along with the dog Pippo. Nothing better than taking all these tips and photograph the couple in their appartmant doing what they love to do! More genuine impossible!

Hmmmm …. pure delight! Inspire yourself! You can see all the photos aqui!


Photos: Mariana Marques

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